Project: Wandrr

Format: iOS App, Google Maps


Wandrr: A map app designed to help exploring - Find new routes based on your time! 

Maps are all about getting you somewhere faster, what about when you have some time or just want to explore? Wandrr is an iPhone app that creates routes based on how much time you have.

Pick 3 types of places you want to go to on the way - an atm, a coffee shop & a museum and it'll create a route, don't like it, click for another.

Designed for the revolution in the automotive industry, led by Elon Musk's Tesla, Wandrr was created to uncover what autonomous travel will mean for the human factor. Among many questions, we wanted to answer this

What will 'just going for a drive' mean? 

We created a bespoke algorithm to create time and interest based routes, we began to incorporate Spotify an eventually rolled that feature into its own product - Triplyst.Me

Wandrr also led to a rare appearance of Founder Omar in an energy drink commercial and content.

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