Project: Known Unknown   
Format: Ltd Edition 3M reflective t-shirts

We wanted to take a boring product of one of our favorite companies and see if we could make something that people would engage with.

3M has an incredible history and philosophy of research and development that has helped them create products that innovators, makers, creators need. Inspired by NYC label ICNY, we took 3M's reflective screen ink and created 25, all-over print reflective camouflage t-shirt and a culturally resonant story centered around privacy and fashions ability to preserve it. 

The 25 were sold through a bidding process. 

"Camouflage keeps you hidden, with all the bright lights and camera flashes, Prawn Comet have created camouflage for the age of the camera. The worlds first reflective camouflage. 3M reflective Maryland Woodland pattern. 25 pieces."

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