Learning, Made Joyful

Creative Content, at Scale.

Memrise lets Learn a new language with games, humorous chatbots, and over 30000 native speaker videos. Memrise has more than 150 language courses across 25 languages and the app has over 35 million registered users. They pair languages so you can learn Swedish to Japanese or Russian to French. Which presents an incredibly complex problem when creating any social content, especially at scale.

Working with PEAK, we created a solution that would allow the creation of creative content, at scale and with every language combination. Half software, machine learning, and AI and half human powered, the system allowed us to create 100’s of pieces of content, across all verticals and in all language groups, in a 1/20th of the time it would take to write, create, animate and render.

Our solution shaved time, cost and manpower without compromising creative or brand, and giving Memrise, a smart, simple and creative way to make and share content whenever they needed.

You can see the content roll out over the next year on their Instagram.

Selected Works

Nike Move! | NTC Move! @RGAContent, Sports, Creative

Memrise @PeakAI, Machine Learning, Creative

Be Heard @Anomaly - BeatsFreelance, Creative, Copywriting

Nike, Siemens and Hyundai @RGAFreelance, Creative

Felix CATDAQ @Deep Focus - Nestle/GoogleFreelance Creative, Copywriting, Content


IKEA ChatbotChatbot, Facebook Messenger

Creative AI - Automated MarketingCreative Lead, Commerical Work

Be Ready @R/GACreative

Cantdecide.lifeChatbot, AI, Creative

Stay True @Workclub - Ballentine'sFreelance, Conent, Video

WandrrApp, iOS, Maps, Autonomous, Cars

See Your FolksContent, Data, Creative

QWERTY ME @Fallon - NokiaCreative, Content, TV, Campaign

Flying Lotus - Camel VR Music Video / GameVR, App, iOS, Music, Flylo

Micheal Jackson AIAI research

Van Gogh in VRVirtual Reality

Bad Joke BotArtifical Intelligence, Facebook Messenger

Weather or NotFashion, Chatbot, Facebook

Music VideosDirector, Shoot, Content

Exploring is Beautiful @Fallon - EurostarCreative, Intergrated, Cinema

Prawn Comet x 3MFashion, Unoffical Collaboration, Design

Acid AssBootleg

How Many DrakesTwitter bot and iOS App

17826381 Machine Learning AuthorMachine Learning Literature