KING KONG APPAREL - Bags made for Crossfitters, by Crossfitters.

An incredibly loved brand that has deep roots in the CrossFit scene, needed to lift their brand from functional and rigid to engage and elevate their market, in their own language and vibe.

We created Ray, the 400lb gorilla in the room who's also the coach you have nightmares about. With his charismatically brutal coaching style, with a no-nonsense Aussie heritage, Ray helps everyone in the Box smash the WOD and get to the Games.

In a series of films, Ray motivates and empowers Crossfitters in a Box and reveals the benefits of having the bag other bags wish they were.

From showing you how to use the cold compartment to get one more rep out of your screaming muscles.

To quote Ray "Call that coach, this is a coach (pointing at himself)" 


Made @ The Community UK 


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