Project: Creative Lead at Creative AI startup

Creative AI wants to put the power of a dedicated marketing team within the reach of businesses around the world.

Using people-powered, machine learning, Creative AI creates relevant and powerful social posts for any business.

A lot of the work focused on algorithmic marketing and machine learning neural networks that use live data to create posts that engage and convert. This led to exploration in automating Brand Asset Distribution across client/agency side.

Creative development of the platform

- Social strategy

- Global creative gig working team 

- Brand development

- Brand sales

- Client UX

- CRO Strategy

- Growth Hacking - ICE Model

Creative lecture/panel on the utopia/dystopia of social media @ UCA

"The power of a dedicated marketing team at your fingertips"

Selected Works

Nike Move! | NTC Move! @RGAContent, Sports, Creative

Memrise @PeakAI, Machine Learning, Creative

Be Heard @Anomaly - BeatsFreelance, Creative, Copywriting

Nike, Siemens and Hyundai @RGAFreelance, Creative

Felix CATDAQ @Deep Focus - Nestle/GoogleFreelance Creative, Copywriting, Content


IKEA ChatbotChatbot, Facebook Messenger

Creative AI - Automated MarketingCreative Lead, Commerical Work

Be Ready @R/GACreative

Cantdecide.lifeChatbot, AI, Creative

Stay True @Workclub - Ballentine'sFreelance, Conent, Video

WandrrApp, iOS, Maps, Autonomous, Cars

See Your FolksContent, Data, Creative

QWERTY ME @Fallon - NokiaCreative, Content, TV, Campaign

Flying Lotus - Camel VR Music Video / GameVR, App, iOS, Music, Flylo

Micheal Jackson AIAI research

Van Gogh in VRVirtual Reality

Bad Joke BotArtifical Intelligence, Facebook Messenger

Weather or NotFashion, Chatbot, Facebook

Music VideosDirector, Shoot, Content

Exploring is Beautiful @Fallon - EurostarCreative, Intergrated, Cinema

Prawn Comet x 3MFashion, Unoffical Collaboration, Design

Acid AssBootleg

How Many DrakesTwitter bot and iOS App

17826381 Machine Learning AuthorMachine Learning Literature