Project: 17826381, A Machine Learning Author
Format: Print, Poster, Machine Learning

“These are doubtless very old scenes, scenes of youth or infancy that we live over then in all their details, with a mood which colors them with that fresh sensation of infancy and youth that we seek vainly to revive when awake." - 17826381

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A machine author writing mash-ups of other author's books

The project started is a proactive project into Creative Machine Learning and copywriting.

Currently, start-ups are working feverishly to create mechanised copywriting, primarily for social media. With unicorns like Pinterest sharing its own copywriting algorithm, the Automation race is on.

Commissioning a piece of software that learns vasts datasets and the and procedurally, write in the same style, we started with Jorges Louis Borges, a favourite and visionary author So, we trained a Neural Network with all his books, and it started writing new ones.

Then, mashing two or more authors, Virginia Wool and John Kennedy Toole.

Then, Gwyneth Paltrow and Gwen Stefani - here playing with lyrics and modes of language that follow a similar cadence.

A limited run of 1000 was printed on an engineer's photocopier (massive) Media bought was hyper-local street pasting in London, creating a 'walk past reading experience'.

Dalloway Essay

Gwen & Gwen Song

Carroway Seeds. Borges, Beyond the grave. Book 1

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